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Outer Space

Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the Outer Space Collection.

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Capture the atmosphere (or lack of atmosphere) of the depths of outer space

In the vast regions of outer space, you’re thousands and thousands of miles away from human civilisation.

Quite a scary thought huh? You’re all alone out there in the never ending darkness.

As the editor, you want to capture that feeling for your audience.

You want their eyes and ears glued to the screen. They hear the sharp static of the radio as two astronauts communicate with each other.

Or the droning sound that lingers in the background as your character gets ready to exit their spacecraft. And your character is the only one thing or being that heard it, reminding them of where they are. Out there, all alone.

As much as you want to bring your ideas on to the screen, you actually have to get the sounds themselves first.

That means you have to search for them. That could be spending ages on search engines. Trying to find the perfect sounds for your outer space scenes.

And even when you find the sound effect that you’re looking, it’s not really that good. It doesn’t deserve a place in your film.

We get your pain as an editor. It feels like you’re doing more work than you need to. And it’s not actual editing work.

It’s just putting time and effort into finding something that might not be there. It’s frustrating and tiring.

We can help you out. Soundly helps editors like you bring their ideas to life on the screen everyday. With (number of downloads), we’ve got your back with all the finest sounds.

You’ll never have to search for sound effects again. Soundly has all you need to recreate the emptiness of space.

So get started on taking your audience into the depths of outer space!

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